Coffee is my lover in the morning. So until our lips meet, mommy is off the clock. I can't hear you, I can't see you and I can't comprehend you, until I have my coffee!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Yes, i have had my coffee today..

If you were one of my 4 children, you would hear this often, "Not before i have my coffee!" Because you see, my mornings usually go like this...I walk out of my bedroom with Kaydee (KK) the baby and one of the kids are usually up and they are wide awake and talkative. And it's usually Skyler-my chatterbox-and he is already going a mile a minute about something or other, i don't know, all i hear is blah blah transformer blah blah what do you think Mommy? To which i respond, "Please let me have my coffee first" in a whiny voice..Yes i teach them not to whine but if it's before 9am, Mommy IS allowed to whine ok?!
So i put KK down, change her diaper, give her some toys and head straight for the coffee pot. This part is theuropeutic for me-I place in a coffee filter(that precious filter that will filter my delicious coffee Mmm!) I then pour in some deliciously smelling Folgers original coffee grounds{The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup!} (Oh and by the way music is VERY dear to my heart so i will randomly place music lyrics here and there as they pop up into my head because everything will spark a song in me! haha So i have to share with you of course!) and then i follow that up by pouring in the water to the 4 cup line. Four cups becausein my head 2 is not enough and may not taste as well as a 4 cup would..even though i will only drink one cup..:/ (I don't know, just my own personal logic. haha)
Then begins the melodic sound of coffee brewing. Oh how beautiful! I will then still only answer the most basic of answers or engage in light conversations or i may just say, "Here, let's watch some cartoons." If i'm feeling especially grumpy that morning i may say "Go watch cartoons in your room and let Mommy drink her coffee first ok?" Once the coffee pot has silenced, it's on like donkey kong!!! I grab my monogrammed mug(Christmas gift from my friend Audrey-credit!) and i pour a little coffee in with my sugar and french vanilla creamer. I then place a dolip of whipped cream on top and mix around so it's frothy and delicious!(winning!) I will then sit down by the baby on the floor or on the couch and sip on my liquid goodness. Ahhhh! Once i am halfway in to my cup, Mommy may then and only then be asked a question or two-not three! No three is pushing it...But you may talk to me, and i will laugh and answer as regular Mommy does and i will probably give you a cuddle and kiss..but Not Until I Have My Coffee!

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