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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Our Saturday

Our Saturday went like this: At 8am I awoke to my son opening my bedroom door and shining a light in mine and the baby's eyes, followed by a cat jumping into the bed and then he went on to tattle about something..I don't know what, before my cup of coffee I can't articulate anything remember? So I just shoo him away with my hand and roll over to cuddle the baby and a cat comes and rubs his head on my face. Darnit!Now I have to get out of bed and throw him out..I then notice the other cat Oreo is on the floor sleeping too! What is this?! So I guide them both out, turn around and KK is lifting her head and smiling at me! (it was indeed cute) Time to get up I much for sleeping in. I manage to make it to the coffeepot without a child interrogation, and no creamer! Grr! I forgot to buy a new one at the store the day before! So I went ahead and used milk. (yuck but I can't taste it in coffee luckily)
Anyways, after my delicious coffee set in and I could comprehend the human language again, I realized that being up so early meant I could take my kids too the Helicopter Egg Drop in Rogers. I rushed to find the girls' matching dresses and cute clothes for the boys, and did their hair and off we went! It was very cool seeing the helicopter drop eggs and get so close. The thing is though, if that they had 3 fields marked off by grades. And I just happened to have 3 kids in each of those categories. Well I couldn't be in 3 places at once, so I had to figure something clever out..I got where the corner of the red field (for Alexi)and the yellow field(for Izayah) met, and had Skyler go with Izayah's group. Well I look over to watch the boys hunting eggs and Skyler isn't even looking on the ground half the time, so needless to say, he didn't find but a few eggs, and was in tears when it was over. No golden tickets for anyone either so we left. Or so I once we were in the car, we couldn't get out of the parking lot because there was hundreds of other people wanting out too. We sat in the car 45 minutes!!! With the amount of gas I wasted (A/C was on too) I could have saved us the trip and bought a bunch of easter candy or something better then the tootsie rolls and smarties that they got. Actually I did just that once we made it out of the parking lot. We will have a really good hunt tomorrow with candy they got to pick out and helped me fill tonight. We even have a jelly bean taste test where they had to guess what they were eating. That was fun! :-)  Sometimes the most simple of things with my kids, can really melt my heart.
Kaydee and I just took a bath together-no it most definitely does not count towards my bath night! I need hot water, alone time, Oreos and Dr Pepper for that! (don't judge me! Oreos and DP pair up beautifully. Especially while in the tub!) Anyways, she went to sleep so easily tonight!  So......why am I not asleep?!
Ok I will, but I have to write down my kids quotes for the day!
Alexi:  It's not my fault I'm beautiful!
Skyler:(hits leg on open dishwasher) Ow! Totally did not see that there..
Izayah: (outside taking pictures of the kids) Uh mommy you can watch the baby now..she just threw up a piece of grass.


  1. LOL love your kids quotes and that picture is so so cute of them all!!

  2. Thanks Jessie! :) More to come!


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