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Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Fun Friday

Friday morning we spent most of our morning playing 'Dance Party Barbies' or so i called it. At first, the girls and I sat on the floor playing with baby dolls for awhile until Kaydee started to take away all of Alexi's babies, which made her frustrated(but she was being very sweet about it despite the obvious annoyed look on her face.) And somehow KK always wants the one Lexi has IN her hand..not the 4 others that are laying between them both, oh no, the exact one she is holding. So it was driving Lexi crazy, so she goes to her room and pulls out every Barbie ever made and throws them down on the floor. "You wanna play Barbies Mommy?" "Sure i do but do we need 50 of them?!" "Uh yeah. Just pick your person."
So we played for a bit and she was showing me her Barbies awesome dance moves, so I made Ken(yes she made me be Ken)have some awesome moves of his own! He was so stiff though(think dirty joke here, go ahead)that i decided to trade him in for a girl with a pretty party dress on. And since she was ready to party, i put on some music off my phone and we really took the dance party up a notch! We danced, did somersaults, jumped, ballet moves, you name it, we did it! It was so fun! We let Kaydee come play with us too, she wasn't left out. She loved just watching us act silly. :) When you have girls, never say no to playing Barbie dolls..little girls grow out of them so quickly. But i still think they're fun. ;)

sharing her Barbies with sister

having FUN!

showing off an armful of barbies

Reading a book to her sissy
So after the dance party it was time to make lunch. Then i realized, we didn't even watch but an hour of tv all morning! I felt very proud! They had their PBS time early that morning and that was it! Usually we play and i just keep the tv on mute(i like to hear the "news" on The View sometimes)but this time i thought, Why don't i just save electricity and turn it off. Duh! Anyways, while made lunch Lexi decided to read her favorite book, The Itsy Bitsy Spider by Iza Trapani. She has loved this book since she was 2. I would read this book to her toddler class everyday with lots of enthusiasm and gesture and they absolutely loved it! So last year Santa and I thought she should have a copy of it. :)
So once we picked up the boys, they spent most of the evening outside. While i was doing prep work for dinner, Skyler comes to me and says, "Look Mommy! This leaf just fell on my head!" I've been talking to them more lately about God and how they can pray to him when they need him, like if they get scared, nervous, or sad. So i took this moment to incorporate HIM into the conversation..So i said, "Yeah it's a message from God. He's saying Hello!" Oh the look on his face was priceless! His eyes got big and his face was full of wonder! He said, "God sent this to ME?!" And he turned around and started to walk away but he turned his head back and said, "I'm gonna go find some more messages from God!" So i smiled and went about cooking..and putting on my makeup since I was going to Girl's Night Out soon!  (Woohoo!) After an hour or so, he comes inside and says, "Mommy! I found 12 more messages from God!" And he is holding two armfuls of leaves. He said, "Come look what they say!" So knowing this was going to be good, i grabbed my phone and hit record and got the cutest video ever! Is there anything more precious then hearing your own child talk about God? This brought tears to my eyes. In this moment, i was so proud and i knew God was speaking to my son.

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