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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Nice Day Overall

Today we went to Stretch n Grow. Their goal is to promote  exercise and a healthy lifestyle in children. They do fun physical activities with the kids for 30 minutes and also sit and talk about an important lesson with them. This day, they talked about how to call 9-1-1 if there is an emergency. Which included a printable sheet of paper showing a telephone and where to find the 9 and the 1. A great lesson i think! :) So here are a few pictures of my Lexi in class!

She absolutely loves going to this class each week and "playing" with her friends! 
After class, we went to Hobby Lobby with my friend Jessie. You may remember her from a previous post, where i shared her fabulous blog about being one super crafty mommy who can create fun out of ANYTHING! Well she started this Mom's crafty night out(unofficial name by me)where we go out on a Friday each month to this Crafty Cottage where they do ceramic painting and more and we work on a themed craft or we can do another project we are wanting to get done sans kids. This month's theme is a door wreath. Despite many ideas floating around on Pinterest, i really couldn't figure out what i wanted to do or what materials i even wanted to use, so being awesome, she suggested we go to the "Lobby" together. {Woohoo i thought! Surely i can find something spectacular with this talented woman!}  So we were there, looking around and found some cute things but couldn't settle on one particular idea. We did love many silk flowers they had there but most were $8 a pop and we both didn't like that idea since we would have needed so many to cover the wreath, so that idea was scratched. As we walked by this area of miniatures, i saw one of those free idea booklets and decided to pick it up and take a look. Oh boy! Did i find an idea! Jessie had previously done a fairy garden for a mutual friend of ours(cannot find the blog and picture of it at the moment, but i will try to add that in if i do)and it looked SO FUN! I knew i wanted one for Alexi and one day for Kaydee! So this would be the perfect thing for me to work on for these Friday nights away from the kids where i can actually get a project done! So this is a picture of what i would like to do, but one of my own of course. I'm thinking..a "Tea Party in the Garden" theme! :)  
SOOO excited! :D
Our kids saw this plant with glue droplets on it and they both were puzzled by it! Lexi exclaimed, "Hey! This is NOT wet!" haha
Concluding our day, we spent most of it outside in the wonderfully perfect weather. The baby and I spread out a towel in the grass and rolled a ball to each other, while Izayah and Lexi played in the sand and water table together and Skyler was inside playing a video game. (eye roll) Daddy fired up the grill! A great day for a BBQ! 
Not a crazy fun day, but a nice day. And sometimes, you just need a nice day to ground you and help you appreciate every blessing around you.
Mom! The boys won't move out of the way!

KK enjoying nature's beauty

KK and I

Playing in the blue sand

I just love baby feet!

Every cuddle is a blessing

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