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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Oh Boy!

Oh boy is right. I have 2 boys and they are both so different. Skyler is affectionate, stubborn, fiesty, smart, loves manipulative toys and cars likes to fix things, and he has a temper! He will yell, stomp, growl, slam doors, and tell me he hates me when he is mad.  Izayah is sweet, secretly wants affection, likes his privacy, very smart, quiet, but when he gets mad or frustrated he takes it out on his brother or sister. He will hurt them-like twisting their ankle, grabbing their arm hard or squeezing it, push them down, or not let them in the room by holding the door closed. Last night he hurt Lexi and i blew up. I have had enough of it! These are my babies and they are hurting each other! What am i supposed to do?
I sent him to Lexi's room to be alone and to cool down. I went in there later and tried to talk to him but he shutdown and wouldn't talk to me. So i said we would talk the next day. I then go into the living room, sat down, and low and behold the little kids came running in to tattle on each other. I said, "That';s it! It's bedtime!" and i sent them all to bed. I mean, it's getting ridiculous around here! Not 10 minutes will go by without somebody tattling on someone. And this is almost always during the baby's naptime(of course right?!) So today we will be sitting down to a family meeting and going over the new rules. No fighting. If you do, you will go to the dining room table and write sentences. Such as, 'I will be nice.' for Skyler and Izayah can write, 'I will be nice to my brother/sister.' Also, i am implementing a reward for making it all day without any fighting or tattling. If they go all day without it, they can earn a snack and/or mommy time, like playing a game with mommy or reading a book. Something they will like and will also promote family togetherness in a positive light. We shall see how it goes..i'm hoping we can fix this so that no one else get hurt. It just breaks my heart!

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