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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A delicious and healthy Bacon Turkey Wrap

I love that my family enjoy these so much. Finally a dinner we can all agree on! I serve a side of squash, onion and spinach(although the boys don't care for it much).

Here's what i use:
* Mission Sun-dried tomato wraps
* Avocado
* Tomato
* Bacon(don't skimp out on the cheapest, i learned my lesson!)
* Hickory Smoked Prima Della turkey(from the deli)
* Kraft American cheese(or your favorite)
* Spinach
* Hidden Valley Ranch

Now i promise(kinda)that your kids would even taste the avocado! It's just a secret ingredient i hide inside to give them a boost of healthy goodness! As well as the spinach. We love spinach here and it's great for us since i have a family history of anemia. My kids have never once brought up the fact that there's spinach in there and i bet yours won't either. ;) A tip though, i don't actually let my kids see me cut open the avocado or put it inside, because they will probably most likely not eat it if they see "that green stuff."
So the only thing you have to cook is the bacon. Did you hear me? I don't think you did...IN THIS RECIPE YOU ONLY HAVE TO COOK BACON!!! Awesome right?! And if you really want to spoil yourself, use paper plates! ;)
Ok so after your bacon is cooked and cooled, you will start prepaing the wrap. I don't even warm the tortilla, it's not necessary, but you certainly can if you prefer. I place it on a plate, then place one or two slices of turkey on top of it.
Now time for the cheese!Slap on one slice of cheese(I half it and place it longwise down the middle.
Then place 2 slices of bacon on top of that and then follow it up with your spinach, tomato, and avocado.
Now you can squeeze the ranch right down the middle(twice)or for kids you can squeeze some into a bowl since they like to dip. They may receive this new recipe better that way. Then Enjoy! It is so good and so good for you!
For my squash, spinach, and onion side dish, I sautee them all in some butter on medium with the following spices: A little onion powder, garlic powder, garlic salt, and a dash of pepper. So, so yummy! I adpated this from having some sauteed vegetables at Marketplace Grill long ago. You will love this i think! I am addicted to it and even my 5 year old picky daughter loves it!
Here are the finished products:

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