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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's on my mind this morning..

My coffee in hand as i relax since i was lucky enough not to have to drive my boys to school this morning because my hubby did. :) My husband has a severe form of Sleep Apnea, as we just learned, so we are both excited that he is picking up the machine this morning. This may truthfully change our lives! When he is off work, he is so tired that we hardly see him awake. So let's pray he can get better rest and can be energized when he's awake. It would allow him to experience more with the kids and i know they would love that.
So my 5 year old Alexi has been obsessed with finding catepillars this week. This child used to be deathly afraid of anything that crawls or moves or could get her dirty. She didn't even like putting her feet in the grass when she was very young. But now, my sweet girl is holding bugs, playing in the dirt, making mud pies, playing at messy play dates and even asked if she could find worms the other day! I give credit to my friend Jessie, who is all about messy fun and playing in nature, her blog is super popular to moms around the world for her brave ways to keep her son entertained and educated thru open ended play which usually includes paint or some other messy ingredient. haha Let me tell you, we have had some amazingly fun times at her play dates! Check out her blog here.
Skyler Skyler Skyler-let's talk about my second born son. He is an affectionate, sensitive, sweet, smart boy but he also has this other side to him where he will explode in tears, tantrums or scream he hates you and will then storm off stomping and growling! It's a total Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hide scenario! I look at him like, Who is this kid?! And as much as I've tried to help him talk to me when he's upset, he will just shutdown and hide. So, he has had a meltdown ever day this week about one thing or another. If you say, Skyler did you have a good day at school? He may break down in tears..if he does it's usually because he got in trouble or maybe something else. So i will try to talk to him on the way home but he won't talk to me. So frustrating! I can usually make him laugh but he will be persistent on the idea of being miserably upset. He will go to his room and cry until he's over it. I'm thinking maybe school just exhausts him and when he comes home he is so deliriously tired that he's emotional. So all i can do is love on him when he's ready to show his face and hope the teenage years level him out....;) (what was that? Yeah right?!)

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