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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wrap-Up Wednesday

So i have been MIA for awhile, sorry! Just busy busy around here. Especially now that KK is crawling I'm just right on top of her all day making sure she's not eating anything or touching anything bad for her. So i will run through what's been happening around here that's made me smile. :)
*MONDAY: I have to share with you this amazingly easy and delicious casserole my friend Jess fed me and gave me the recipe for. It's called McCormick's Quesadilla Casserole. You just buy this little packet in the spices aisle. It contains all the spices you need, a recipe card that pops out and tells you what other ingredients you need-it's that easy! I had been putting off making this recipe because my kids take one look at any mixed up foods on their plates and they look at me with disgust and start to complain. So i was hesitate to say the least. But this was so darn good looking i was determined to make it and they were gonna eat it or starve! (Ok, so they can pick a PB&J if they don't like dinner, but it was still my mentality!) So i bought Nacho Cheese Doritos to crunch up to serve over it(and because their awesome!)and i remembered the idea to incorporate your kids in the cooking process of something new. So when it came down to preparation, i put some Doritos in a baggy(I call it baggy because it's not a Ziplock bag, it is GLAD because my hubby works for them!)and i let the kids pound it with a potato masher-they loved it! Then when it was ready they got to sprinkle their own crushed Doritos on top. Everyone ate some and liked it but Lexi. She refused and cried until i told her she was not getting up unless she at least took 2 bites so she could try it. She reluctantly did(eventually)but next time i will just give her a sandwich. Skyler my picky boy, loved it and ate it all! I was very surprised by this and i told him how proud i was of him. :) Here are the pictures i took:
Find it with the spices! Many other flavors to try next!
Crush em' up!

My plate with guacamole and sour cream-yum!
The finished product-Voila!
Earlier that day we went to a playdate with new friends! Yay! {and Yay for making new Mommy friends! :D} They had an incredible backyard and the kids just had a blast! A big fort with slide, swings and sandbox built-in. I let Kaydee play in the sandbox and she only tried to eat the sand once. Lexi did not want to leave and it took awhile to pry her away! She then cried int he van because she didn't get to hug her friends goodbye.(yes it broke my heart not to turn around and let her!) Here are a couple pictures of our fun day(which i am still paying for days later-i must be very allergic to pollen)-

Playing in a ball pit for the first time! I liked it!

*TUESDAY: Mommy woke up feeling sick. Congestion with runny nose, nauseous, achy, sneezing, all-around crummy! But Kaydee had her 9 month check-up so i had to get going. She is a healthy big girl! 23.5 lbs! But better to be a chunky well-fed baby then underweight i say. ;) Here are a few pictures i took today that was cute and memorable:
KK just happened to scoot behind Lexi so Lex says, "Here, scratch my back Kaydee!"

Skyler cuddling with Smokey in a rocking chair
Went to check out the fish at WM

She was captivated by this Betta!

Getting into her first light socket no-no!

*WEDNESDAY: Grocery shopping Day! Exciting for Mommy because i was buying health conscious foods for my family. Because Kaydee is now eating table foods, it is important to me to provide her with healthy meals, and while i'm researching what she needs it is the exact things that we all as a family should be eating regularly. So i was dedicated in finding healthy food to stock my fridge with! I am also obsessed with making my kids' lunches super delicious and healthy. They often come home starving because they didn't like the food at school, so that breaks me heart! I cannot allow my children to go all day at school with hungry bellies. We all know that it is hard to concentrate on anything when your belly is growling and all you can think about is food. So i have to step up(and get up early)and send them off to school with not only the foods they like but also healthy choices! So, i came home from Walmart with almost all fruits, vegetables or healthy choices, like tuna, healthy tortilla wraps, etc. I also picked up Skyler a bigger lunchbox so i can have room to stuff it to the top! :) I was very proud of myself when i took a step back and saw all the bins in my fridge packed with goodness! It looked like we were vegetarians! The only meats in there was bacon and deli turkey(for the wraps i was making that night, recipe in next post). When the kids came home, instead of a Little Debbie snack, Oreo or some other packaged snack, they had choices of apples and caramel or peanut butter, raspberries, blueberries, banana, strawberries, kiwi or veggie straws. They were all so excited about having raspberries and blueberries in the fridge! I gave them some in a muffin cup and they kept coming back for more! I was ecstatic! So, less packaged and more fresh! Lesson of the day!
I can't get enough of this!

On her second helping of delicious fruit!
kiwi in a mesh feeder..kinda sour!

So concludes the first part of my week...much more left out of course because i can't always remember to record everything like the funny jokes my kids tell me, or the sweet times they are playing together nicely. I can't take a picture of the bedtime kisses i give and receive each night, but they are there, each and every day and i don't take them for granted. I am blessed to hug and touch all my children , because there are many who cannot. I thank God everyday for this. And i know in my heart, i will always remember these moments, whether i have time to write them down or not.

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