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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sleep In Saturday

Well apparently on Saturday no one bothered to mention to my kids that it was "Sleep in Day" so i was woken up at 8am by the baby and all 3 other kids were already awake and playing. Well i made my way to the coffee pot ever-so-quietly in hopes that no one would hear my presence just yet...I changed the baby's diaper and said hello to my friend Mr. Black and Decker (seen here my exact model-hunky right??) ;)
And so begins that delicious aroma of coffee brewing..Ahhh!

So after the caffeine ran thru my veins, i went and said good morning to my kiddos. Boy does Kaydee love seeing her brothers and sister! I get so tickled seeing how excited she gets just seeing them! It amazes me how much she can love them already.
So we had breakfast and i noticed how nice it was outside and since the weather called for severe storms all Sunday, i decided it would be a perfect day to go to the park and let the kids ride their new scooters. We don't have much of an area for them to ride at home so they were very excited!  This park we went to, called Tower Park, has a half mile walking trail. So it was perfect for us all. I got exercise from pushing KK in the stroller, the kids got exercise and fun out of riding their scooters, and KK had fun just being outside which she LOVES! We walked around the trail three times in all, and i gave them a break to play on the playground...okay so mommy needed a break because she was out of shape alright? There. You got me. So here are pictures of the park. Alexi found a heart on a tree and she thought it was so special and amazing, and i agreed it was, so i told them to take a picture by what i called, "The love tree".
My 4 beautiful babies at the love tree!

The boys went down this hill many times!

Alexi going down the hill!

So after we ran out of water and when the baby got cranky and sleepy, we decided to get Braums ice cream. I asked the kids if they wanted me to surprise them with a flavor this time. I usually just ask them what they would like, but this was more fun! Alexi got cherry pecan and cream in a cup. (she doesn't like a cone but usually gets it in a shake form) Skyler i chose cookie dough in a big waffle cone. (he usually gets the kid waffle cone.) and Izayah got a big waffle cone of butter pecan. (because it's my favorite flavor and he likes to try a lick of mine when i get it) And i of course, got my most favorite flavor of all time, butter pecan! YUMMY! The rest of the evening was calm and relaxed. We bought pizza for dinner(yay no cooking for me!)and watched movies together until he kids fell asleep on the floor. Such a nice Saturday with my kiddos. Nothing to complain about here! :)


  1. Sounds like a great day! I LOVE that love tree picture. How cool!

  2. I immediately thought of you Jessie! Bc you love hearts in crazy forms! :)


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