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Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Magical Day at the Park

Today we went to Wilson Park in Fayetteville, AR. A magical, beautiful place for all ages to enjoy. When you set foot in this special play area, you immediately feel the serenity that is present. There is so much to explore and to see here. From the castle, to the gardens, even mosaic pieces under your feet, it had something interesting around every corner. My boys would come up to me and say, "I found a secret hiding place!" And then they would fight over who found it first. (haha) Lexi found herself a secret spot of her own over by some water. She said it was her, "Secret hide-out." She looked so sweet sitting there by herself just gazing at the water and flowers around her. Every child should have a place like this to go to. It really connects them to mature and lets them use their imaginations to play and explore. I loved just watching them play, but i also enjoyed exploring the grounds. It was fun to place Kaydee near the water or mosaics just to see how she would react. She found the mosaics to be very interesting and she just had to touch and feel them. She also loved the pond. I sat with her right next to it on the rocks surrounding it and she about dove in trying to get a white flower out of the pond! I also found a crawfish walking around so we played with it and watched it fight with other crawfish. After the kids played there quite a while they were eager to play at the playground nearby, but it was lunchtime and i didn't have anything but coffee for breakfast so i declared we should pick up some lunch and have a picnic at the park! So we picked up some McDonald's, found a picnic table near the playground, ate our food and let the kids play awhile. In all, we spent about 3 hours at the park! It was wonderful! I captured over 100 pictures of our day, so i'll just post a few of my favorites and so you can see all the amazing details of this fabulous and magical park. *Interesting note: This is the first and oldest park in Fayetteville, AR!*

Alexi's secret hide-out

Family picture on a lotus flower

Find Izayah...

Walking on an earthworm

chillin out in a tunnel

Examining nature's beauty

very interesting..

Time to go. :(

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