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Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Easter

We had a fun Easter. Daddy had to wake me up at 10am because the baby and i were still sleeping! Awesome, but i was pretty annoyed about getting woke up. Something about waking up a sleeping Mommy and baby on the weekend is just SO WRONG! But once the coffee ran thru my bones, i was excited about watching the kids find eggs! And this is Kaydee's first Easter! Eekk! :D Daddy hid the 90 something eggs(and well i might add, not the preschool version i usually do for them! haha)and off they went! So fast in fact, that they missed a bunch because they were running around like chickens with their heads cut off! It was a sight to see alright! haha So they had some sugar for brunch and it's all a blur from there on out...It was hard for me to stay caught up with their energy level. I did take a video though! hehe      
So i asked my family what they wanted for Easter a rotissere chicken or meatloaf and mashed potaotes? No, fried rice they said. And they were all in agreeement. So who am i to say no? It's easy, quick and delicious! So that's what we had for Easter dinner. haha We are soooo traditional. ;)
After dinner and as the baby took a nap, i went and hid the eggs again. This time with the crayon hard boiled eggs we made:

And also the confetti eggs! Alexi just LOVED these! She pretended to cook with them afterwards.

The boys got in on the fun too! ;)
Soon after, it was time for baths and bed! I'm sure they will continue to play with the confetti eggs today and eat a few more jelly beans and Rolos but that's okay by me because they are such amazing kids,  they deserve such a sweet treat! <3


  1. Sounds like ya'll had a great Easter!! Love yall :)

  2. We did, thank you! And we love YOU!!!


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