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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monday's Happenings...

Today i registered my little girl for Kindergarten! Didn't i just have her?! How can she be 5 already?? Well despite my reality check i did take her. She was so excited to be there and she wanted to stay, bless her heart. She kept asking me all morning, "You're gonna pick me up right Mama?" Her way of saying i was dropping her off and picking her up like her brothers. "No, you're just visiting today baby." I reassured her. So off we went..I filled out the paperwork and told Lexi she could play with the blocks and puzzles they provided for the kids on the floor. She says. "No i'm shy." First time she has ever said that! haha So she sat next to me instead and watched her brothers who were actually getting their lunch at that time. After i completed the paperwork i went and sat on the(cold and hard)floor with her and i sat the baby down to play with the blocks and showed her how they make noise when you shake the bucket of blocks. ;) Alexi started to play with the puzzles and after she finished them all i gave her my cell phone so she could play the Biscuit game i got(for free!) And soon two little girls came along and asked if they could play with her. She looked at me to see if it was ok, and i nodded so she said, "Ok." With a smile. So here we are at Kindergarten registration with puzzles and blocks all around us..and these three little girls are sitting side-by-side playing on cell phones! So funny and so cute! They were playing games and watching videos and it was so sweet to see Lexi talking to girls her own age. Then the girls asked if they could go to school together so i said they might be in the same class together and they squealed with excitement! I sure hope they get the same class, that would ease their first day some if they saw each other and made instant friends the first day! Oh man. It's really starting to settle in that she will be going school...But what makes me happy is the fact that she is excited to make friends and to learn and play at school. Just another chapter of life we are in. Hmm what will i do with just me and a one year old all day? ;)

Cheese! I'm waiting patiently..

I'll just do a puzzle while i wait.

I'm having fun throwing these blocks!

Ooo i like these blocks!

I would also like to add a scary thing that happened Monday morning..I went to get Lex for breakfast and when i came back, i saw KK grinning with something black in her mouth! I ran to her, grabbed it out of her mouth and swung it across the room.(just a reflex thing i guess, i wanted far away from my baby until i could throw it away) I was checking her out and checking her mouth to make sure none was left and she was aggravated that i took it out of her mouth! She was growling and trying to throw herself back! She was fine, so i went to check out what exactly was in her mouth. I figured it would be lint or a thread at best, but no. It was a BUG!!!!!!!!!!! I can't figure out what it was exactly but my guess is a black wasp? Because the part in her mouth was the back end of it with what looked like a stinger! {Gross gross gross gross gross!!!} So i don't know what else has a stinger but a bee but all i could find of it was a couple of wings and its head sitting near her. SO FREAKING GROSS!!!!! I was beyond freaked out by this! So much so, that my hands were shaking! I have no clue how it got there and i'm assuming it was dead since she wasn't hurt and i checked her whole body. I'm thinking it was tracked in by the kids' shoes or flew in that night since my hubby was home. And this morning(it was 8am) i had not vacuumed yet because she was sleeping on me while i looked at blogs. So lesson learned: I cannot put KK down alone anymore because she will now eat anything!!!! AND to vacuum before putting her on the floor each morning. Well needless to say, i thought about this all day and it grossed me out and made me think of the, what ifs? I also gave her lots of guilty cuddles and lap time. :)  Sooo how was your day?


  1. Lexi is so super sweet...she is going to make such great friends in school. I'm so excited for her! But also sad we won't be seeing her as much. I can't believe KK ate a bug! hahahahahaha! Yes, funny but also freaky! I got chills when I read that and I would have flipped out too if that happend to Brady. That mommy 6th sense comes in handy doesn't it?!

  2. Nothing in the world can prepare you for seeing a bug in your child's mouth! Hahaha But hopefully that will never happen again! Yeah my Lex is all grown up..tear! We'll have to do more weekend playdates. ;)


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