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Friday, April 6, 2012

Bedtime Ramblings ~

Have you ever been so tired that you don't even want to take that nice, hot bath at the end of the day? Well I do, and more often then I'd like to. Because I love a scalding hot bath. If my legs don't look like a lobster, it's not hot enough. But since having the baby, I'm lucky to get in the shower at least once a week to wash my hair during KK's infamous 20 minute naps.  And shaving? Pshh, overrated.  Anywho I'm laying here in bed waiting for my last and youngest child to drift off to sleepyland..See I just laid her in her crib after many kicks to my face and body while in my bed so now she is freaking out at the solitude of her crib. The glow worm comforts her some, but she is coughing and gagging now. I'm not quite sure why this is a normal thing for her, but I'm deathly afraid as she grows, she will learn to use this to her advantage. : O Have I mentioned how much I loathe vomit???
This day needs to be over. All afternoon she has been super grumpy and clingy. And not to mention the physical pain I have had to endure..aggressive eater+ new tooth = painful nursing session! Ouch!! :-( We are going to have to learn to be nice to Momny's delicates!
Another thing that didn't help my mood was the fact that I tried to do an Easter craft with the kids and they wanted to complain, rush, and walk away during it. Here I was trying to be a good mommy and spend time with them doing crafts, and all they wanted to know was could they play a video game?! Heck no! I want some cute Easter pictures that I can tape to the wall and then save for years to come when they REALLY won't want to sit and do this stuff. (Yeah ok, so I wanted to post them to my FB wall, you would too-don't lie!) I even had another cute project after that one where we make bunny masks out of paper plates. But that will have too wait until tomorrow. 
My nerves and patience have been tested  tonight..please God refill my tank as I sleep. For it is the weekend and I have all four kids at home!

Oh hey! My baby just fell asleep in her CRIB!!! #score!


  1. New Blog?! Sweet! You are so funny! I loved their thumbprint easter baskets..and don't worry, L has almost zero interest in crafty things too. humph. I'm also the same way when it comes to taking a hot shower. I take such a hot shower that I have to leave the shower door cracked a bit so I don't suffocate in the steam haha. and Yay for KB sleeping in her crib!!

  2. Whew that is a hot shower!! haha I love how it makes me look "tan" afterwards....;)

  3. that story was hilarous I love reading it becasue I can relate just wait till kaydee is four and you have them going all different ways pulling on you you will want to scream and go hide under a rock lol good job cassie on your blog its wonderful :)


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