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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday's Topic

Today we found a snake! It's called an orange-striped ribbonsnake. I went to the back sliding doors to see if the cats wanted in, well they were looking down and Smokey(our Russian Blue breed)was picking up and thrashing something was a snake! I couldn't believe our house cats where brave enough to play with such a thing! I thought they were just fat, lazy housecats that wouldn't do more then catch and eat flies once in a while. (eww!) So i called for Lexi to come over and watch and she was freaked out! She kept saying, "No no no no! Don't open the door Mama!" I said i wouldn't, that we could just watch the snake and after a while she was content with just watching and only whimpered a few times. Until i said i wanted to trap it in a box so the boys could see. We watched that snake for 30 mintues until it was time to go pick up the boys from school. I really wanted them to see this amazing creature(which was only a young snake)firsthand, so i put a clear large box over and on top of it so it couldn't escape while we were gone.(I hope PETA doesn't freak out on me, i did it as a  learning snakes were harmed int he making of this blog) So when we returned, Lexi was SO excited to show her brothers the snake! They went to look at it and asked if we could keep it! I actually thought of that already and googled it, in fact. They are actually known for being a great pet! They are non-venomous but they could bite. They aren't known for it but they are naturally fiesty animals when challenged or feel threatened. So i thought not, and daddy thought the cats would kill it anyways. So Daddy picked it up and placed it gently into the grass. And who do you think was sad?(besides me of course. I wanted to be brave enough to hold it, but was deathly afraid of being bit) Alexi! My scaredy little girly girl. :) I love how she surprises me by asking if she can hold a bug or play in the dirt or jump in a mud puddle! She is up for anything once she puts her feelers out and searches around for danger. ;) Here is a picture i took of the two cats watching and playing with the snake. (he also plays dead! Pretty darn cool!)


  1. How cool! I'm jealous lol! We found a snake skin...not as cool lol. I'm glad everyone got to see it for a while before letting it go :)

  2. Me too. It was so cute! If i see another one, i may just catch it in a box so L can see...;)


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