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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wednesday Fun!

Today we had a fun day. We started off by playing peek-a-boo with a sheet. The girls sat under it and i pulled it up and down and up and down. They squealed with joy! KK thought it was so exciting! Then i sat underneath it and looked at my 2 gorgeous girls and could have cried at this special, beautiful moment. All I've ever wanted since i was little was to be a mom. And i had this deep want of a little girl that i could experience the mother-daughter bonding times with. You know;  pedicures, manicures, brushing each other's hair, all the hugs and kisses i can handle, and yes even the teenage years. I'll take it all! But thankfully, God blessed me even more by giving me 2 precious, beautiful girls. I love them more then words can express.  
Well while sitting there, KK kept rubbing the blanket in her face so i had to push up the sheet with my hand and it took on this tent appearance. So i thought, A fort! "Let's make a fort Lexi!" And she got so excited! So i threw two sheets on top of  KK's jumperoo and then i got into the glow sticks my friend Jessie got us, and i put  two in some jumbo plastic Easter eggs and placed those inside the fort and gave the girls some glow sticks bracelets. I told them it was time to get in! It looked so magical! I wanted to get in but i was too big...(boo!) but i placed the sheets over my head so i could pretend. ;) Alexi and Kaydee were having a ball in there! They laid down and played with the glowing eggs and bracelets and giggled. I loved just watching them!  Here are some pictures-I took many to remember this moment. Alexi was laying on her belly, popped her head out and told me sweetly, "I've never done this before! It's so fun!" :)
Oreo had fun attacking the sheet!


My girls in their magical fort

A sweet interaction between sisters~

She said her sister was an angel!

Lexi took this of mommy being silly!

KK loves the cats!

After fort time we had lunchtime. We like to watch a 3D movie while eat. It's usually a Disney movie. Today: Beauty and the Beast-a classic that i never get tired of watching. We had butterfly-shaped peanut butter and jelly, chips and french oinion dip, and kiwi. Alexi just loves any sandwich shaped as anything other then the typical sandwich. Thank goodness for fun sandwich cutters! :)

We have our lunch-now movie time!

And my little 9 month old baby girl started officially crawling today! So during Mommy's bathroom breaks she has to go in "baby jail"....but she didn't mind! ;)

Thank you Lord for blessing me with these two beautiful, healthy girls. For I would not be complete without them.


  1. Love the glowstick tent and all the pictures! You do have amazing little girls! :)

  2. Thank you! And it made it even better with the glowsticks you gave us!


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