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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Memories and Milestones

So each Saturday I'm going to do this post called, "Saturday Memories and Milestones." This is a list of crazy or sweet quotes that my kids have said, or milestones they have(mostly the baby)have reached. These are the things i want to look back on years from now and laugh about..or blackmail them later, whichever comes first.
*Skyler is scratching my back(for a quarter)and he slaps my love handles on both sides..I say, "What are you doing?" He goes, "Umm i don't think this looks very good. It looks like a bouncy ball. Right Izayah?" Izayah-"Yeah it really does!"  Uhh, thanks guys. So what time does the gym open tomorrow??

*Skyler asked for tea like this(jumping around and being hyper)- "I want tea, titty titty titty tea!" I looked at him crazy, shook my head no and said, "It's tea, just ask for tea." :/

*Lexi asked Izayah to read her a book and he jokingly said, "It's not my fault you can't read!"(a movie quote from Big Daddy) To which Lexi responded, "It's not my fault i'm beautiful!"  Touche' Lexi, touche'. ;)

Izayah-This week i watched him get very upset and angry towards his brother and sister. We talked about it and he is trying to manage that onto something else besides hurting his siblings. I also watched him play with his baby sister lovingly. He makes sure she doesn't play with or touch anything she isn't supposed to. He cuddles with her when she leans her head towards him. He makes her laugh and laugh and laugh! I am amazed at how he can accept each new sibling that is born into his family. Not once has he ever said, Why do we need another baby? or I don't want to be a big brother. He embraces and loves each baby i have had after him. When i see him loving on Kaydee, i could cry. It touches my heart more then words can say. So yes, now that he is growing up and becoming a (gulp) pre-teen, i expect this to become secondary and not first anymore. I get the feeling he is craving his own space and privacy and having to share a room with his brother is getting to him. So this is a new chapter i have to learn to deal with. And honestly, I'm a little scared!

Izayah making his baby sister laugh

Skyler-This week i realized just how much he has grown as a little boy. His face is becoming older and he has the cutest little freckles across his face. How can i loathe my own freckles but i find them incredibly adorable on my children?? I look at his face and i sometimes can't hear what he's saying because I'm thinking, "Wow. He is really growing up!" He speaks more intellectually and tells me what he's learned at school and i soak it up as i remember the little boy who just wanted to cuddle with me and get tickled. And then i snap out of it and I'll say, "Huh? Yeah." "Mommy did you hear a word i just said?" "Um, no I'm sorry baby." (Giggle) I've also seen him play by himself, and it makes me a little sad, but then i see that he really does like it. He enjoys being in charge of his own game and imagination. And i like that because it encourages independence and i like to hear and see what he's going to come up with on his own and not just what Izayah wants him to do. He is so so smart and he has a very big imagination. He told me this week that his teacher lets him help others in his class during reading time because he knows all the words and they need help. I was so proud of him! He is doing so well this year in school.

Alexi-This week i watched Alexi register for Kindergarten. She took the test and knew many of the answers she should have known. She can write her name, knows all the colors she needs to know and can count to 20. We do need to work on identifying more letters, writing her first and last name, and not skipping any numbers when she counts. But to see her so excited about being at school was so wonderful! She also got to play with 2 little girls that were there and they are hoping to be in the same class together. (i hope so too!) She is very ready to go and i am feeling at peace about the fact that i have to drop off my little "baby" girl in August and send her off without me. I know i will cry, but it helps that she is so excited to go and not nervous. I love how she plays with her baby sister and never gets jealous. I get butterflies when i see her being girly like, putting on lipstick or primping in front of a mirror. And when she has playdates with her friends, it makes me so happy that we are blessed enough to have such wonderful, sweet friends. I know she will miss them when she goes to school, so each playdate i feel a little sad. It's time for one more of my babies to go to school...and that is such a surreal thing to process. I'm not sure what Kaydee and I will do all day. (haha)

Kaydee has learned to crawl now at 9 months old. She uses her feet to push off mostly. She is learning and hearing "No" often these days. And she does not like it at all. If you say it to her she will challenge you with this noise she makes such as saying, "Huh? You talkin to me? I know you don't mean me!" She says, Dada, Mama, cat, yeah, hi, num num num, hey, oh, Izayah. Trying to say: what's that, kitty cat, bubba. She has learned to dance when she hears music she likes(which is everything from songs on the radio or songs on commercials). She will twist back and forth and smile at me. {I just love it!} She also learned to clap her hands! Very exciting to Mommy!
She loves to play with babydolls now!

They can always make me laugh

I Adore these guys!

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